Introducing iPhotoToGoogleEarth 2.1, a plugin designed specifically for iPhoto ’08, which is part of the iLife ’08 suite. This plugin facilitates the seamless export of photos for viewing in Google Earth, enhancing your visual experience with geospatial context.

To fully utilize iPhotoToGoogleEarth, it’s essential to have GPS information stored in the Exif tags of your photos. If you’re unfamiliar with Exif tags and GPS data, this plugin may not be suitable for your needs.

While there are several excellent geotagging tools available, iPhotoToGoogleEarth shines when you have a GPS log detailing the locations where your images were captured. For users with such logs, the plugin seamlessly integrates with iPhoto, offering a straightforward process for exporting photos optimized for viewing in Google Earth.

For those without GPS logs but with the ability to identify locations on Google Earth, another recommended tool is Geotagger. Developed using Applescript and ExifTool, Geotagger provides a user-friendly solution for geotagging your photos based on Google Earth data.

Once your photos are correctly tagged, simply select them in iPhoto and proceed with the export process to unleash the full potential of iPhotoToGoogleEarth, enriching your visual storytelling with geographical context.

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