Introducing Geotagger 2.0, a convenient droplet designed to effortlessly embed GPS coordinates into your photos.

With Geotagger 2.0, the process is simple: just position Google Earth (version 4 or higher) over the desired location, then drag your JPEG images onto the Geotagger icon. Once tagged, your images retain this information, allowing you to seamlessly import them into iPhoto, share them on platforms like Flickr or Panoramio, or use them in various other ways.

For iPhoto users, there’s even a plugin available that exports your photos to a KMZ file, enabling you to view them in Google Earth and visualize their locations on the globe.

Geotagger 2.0 supports drag-and-drop functionality from virtually any source. However, if you’re dragging images from iPhoto, please note that changes may not appear immediately. While the data has been saved to the file, iPhoto caches the Exif information and only checks for updates when prompted to “Rescan for location” through the contextual menu (accessible via right-click on an image).

To enhance your targeting precision in Google Earth, Stefan Geens of Ogle Earth has developed a set of crosshairs. Simply position the location at the center of the crosshairs, and Geotagger 2.0 will embed this information into your images seamlessly.

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