iPhotoToGoogleEarth 2.1 is a plugin for iPhoto ’08 (part of iLife ’08) that will export photos for viewing in Google Earth. To make the most of iPhotoToGoogleEarth you’ll need to have GPS infomation stored in the Exif tags. If you don’t know what that means this plugin probably isn’t for you. 

   There are a few great geotaggers out there. If you have a GPS log of where you where when you took the image there is the very cool GPSPhotoLinker. If you don’t have a log file but can find the location on Google Earth you should use Geotagger which I have made with Applescript and ExifTool

   Once you have photos tagged correctly, select your images in iPhoto and then Export. 

   The file it produces is a KMZ. Open it with Google Earth or share it with friends to show off where you have been.

iPhoto 6 users should still download iPtGE 1.03. Version 2 hasn’t been tested with iPhoto 6 and may not work.

   There is a bug in iPhoto that can corrupt your GPS data if you edit the photo after importing. The plugin first tries to get the coordinates from the modified image, if it discovers they’ve been corrupted it tries the original image instead. I highly recommend editing your images *before* adding them to iPhoto to avoid data loss.

Updated in 2.1 : 

  • Tested with iPhoto ’11 (v9.2.3)
  • Output files work in Google Earth 6 (tested in GE 6.2.2)

Updated in 2.00 : 

  • Works with iPhoto ’08
  • Temporaily dropped NMEA support, will come back soon

Updated in 1.03 :

  • Reads from images that were tagged by Nikon D200 cameras
  • Special characters (e.g. &) can be used in names and descriptions

Updated in 1.02 :

  • Altitude – Can now read altitude data from the images
  • Timestamp – Can now add timestamp info to the kml (requires Google Earth 4)
  • Neater display in My Places. Only shows description not image link
  • Bug fix – Images less than one degree south or west are read correctly
  • Crash fix – divide by 0

Updated in 1.0 :

  • Handles images with same name
  • Handles images with special characters in their names
  • Ignores non-jpeg files
  • Better handling of non-gps-coded images, obeys user settings

Updated in 0.9 :

  • Universal Binary (actually tested on real Intels this time)
  • Handles iPhoto libraries that aren’t in the Pictures folder
  • Better handling of photos that have been modified by iPhoto (and thus have their GPS data screwed up)

Updated in 0.8 : Attempts to use original image for GPS coords
Updated in 0.6 : Universal binary (untested)