iMovie’s new map feature is a great way to add context to your holiday videos, but only if your videos were filmed at one of the 1600 places that Apple have included in their location list. iMovieLocationEditor is a simple way to add your own locations to that list either by typing in the coordinates or fetching them directly from Google Earth.

You will need to have ‘write’ permissions to iMovie. If iLME doesn’t seem to work for you click on the iMovie icon in your applications folder and Get Info from the FIle menu. At the bottom you’ll see “Sharing & Permissions”, unlock it and grant ‘write’ to everyone (thanks Roeland Merks).

This is different from just renaming existing locations, that is already available in iMovie. iMovieLocationEditor actually adds new geographic coordinates to the list to feature in your next master piece.

A new location in iMovie '09

I’ve tried to make iMovieLocationEditor very simple to use. Here are the complete instructions.

  1. Open iMovieLocationEditor
  2. Either
    • Open Google Earth, point it at the location you want to use and press ‘Get coordinates from Google Earth’
    • or

    • Type in the coordinates you want using decimal latitude (between -90 and 90) and longitude (between -180 and 180)
  3. Type in the place name, area and country you want (you can change the name within iMovie too).
  4. Press ‘Insert into iMovie’, wait for the beep and you’re all done :-)

I’ve also got a backup of the original iMovie location list incase you forget to make one yourself and something goes wrong. If you need any further help feel free to contact me using the address in the About box. If you appreciate what I’ve done here and find it improves your movies and saves you time figuring it out for yourself, please consider donating a few dollars or sending me a postcard. You’ll be helping me save towards my next big adventure. Mt Kilimanjaro!

Updated in 1.03 :

  • Added compatibility with PPC (pre-Intel) Macs

Updated in 1.02 :

  • Added compatibility with iMovie 8.0.1 (March 26th update)

Updated in 1.01 :

  • Fixed a problem that prevented it from writing into iMovie on some computers
  • Enabled the Edit menu for Copy and Paste