16 Aug

   Our travel to Sweden was fast and pleasant. A very helpful Dane told us that we were already on the correct train to Lund when we arrived at Malmo, where we had been told to change trains by one of the ticket collectors. She assured us that only the staff change at Malmo, the passengers don't, and she was right. The journey through Sweden was lovely, though very wet and when we arrived in Stockholm it was still raining so we took a bus to the hostel. This is no ordinary hostel, and though my heart sank when the desk man directed us in to the building to our room, I was relieved a few minutes later when he found two spare places aboard the af Chapman .

The af Chapman afloat in Stockholm

   We wandered around town that night, just taking in the sights and sounds, and returned to our cabins below deck. It was an early start in the morning and we had to buy food before boarding. All worked excellently and we were heading towards Norway at 8:01am

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On a personal note

August 15, 2003

   It seems to me that a few of my posts recently have been just Í went here, we did this, then took the train here´, and I don´t mean them to be. It has to be said that I am covering a fair distance, and some days have seemed like nothing but train travel, but there is so much more going on. Today on the ride from Odense to Stockholm I wrote a little list of some highlights of the trip so far. Here they are, in chronological order.

  • Meeting Marko, James and Russel in England. Old friends who know what I was like before NZ and telling our stories of the past 6 years. Being there at Marko´s wedding was really special.
  • The walk towards Mont De La Saxe on the 4th day of the Tour de Mont Blanc. After a terrible morning it was amazing to walk along this ridge on soft alpine grass with the mountain beside me. Perfect weather and a great place to be alone. Crossing the Col DÁrpette was also very cool, a long hike up to a true mountain pass. Special thanks to Heidi the mountain guide who kindly took some of my stuff back to Chamonix for me. With that extra weight I doubt I would have made it all the way around.
  • Jumping into the River Aare in Bern. The whole week in Switzerland was great, hanging out with new friends. Sharing a true Swiss fondue and having my first (and second) raclette. mmmm.
  • Meeting Stacey and Brie on the platform in Spain. Then spending the next 24 hours with these strangers, staying awake all night and sharing one of the most dangerous/stupidest things I´ve done on purpose with them.
  • Bastille Day in Paris. With Kate, Connie, Jen, Emily, Barry and Holland. We sat in the park, played the celebrity game and watched spectacular fire works.
  • Walking the Besseggen Ridge in Norway. Special thanks to Jorgen for that, his photos inspired me to go there and I can't thank him enough, what a terrific place to be for my birthday.
  • Rome with new friends. I met up with Stacey and Brie again and did a quick tour of this ancient city. It was very special to me to have made friends on the road that have lasted more than just than train journey.
  • The Giant Balloon Dog in the Guggenhiem. That was just the coolest thing ever!
  • Riding around the island of Aero with Bronwyn and stopping to pick wild cheeries off the trees/bushes. I haven´t told that story yet, so check back soon for the update :-)

   Of course those were just a sample of the many wonderous things that I have experienced on this trip. I do miss home, my friends and family, and travelling is wearing me out, but I am so glad I am doing this and recommend the OE thing to anyone and everyone.

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