Tickets Booked

May 19, 2003

Hello Everyone,
     My tickets are booked and my flight times are set. I've given my notice in at work and cancelled the tennancy agreement. In just three weeks time I will be somewhere over Australia on the way to Singapore. According to the World Health Organisation Singapore is still Ok to travel to, and I'll only be there for two hours anyway so I am not worried about SARS.

     Once there I'll be staying at my big sisters place in Brighton and going to my good friend Marko's wedding. Then begins my trip in earnest. I'm flying to Norway and hitching my way to the Jotunheimen mountain area. According to one book I found on the area to trek the length of it could take a week! That sure will be a once in a life time experience :-) After that I'm planning to drop by Switzerland where Levi will be for a week. Again I am hoping to do plenty of outdoor activities, this time the big one will be bungy jumping. All going to plan I'll then spend a week in Italy, specifically the Dolomites and train down south and cross to Greece. I'm going there to see the Vikos Gorge and of course the idilic Cyclades Islands. If I get there quickly I might even take a few days in Turkey but that's only a vague plan.

All of this is to take me up to August when I need to be all the way over in Spain to meet Bronwyn and Nina as they begin their Eurail passes.


best wishes from
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