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Masses of goings on

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Things have genuinely been busy, but I must take some time out to write about them. The new year is here and I only have 3 months left before I fly off to America and start The Pacific Crest Trail. I got two pieces of news today that help me considerably. The first was that my employer will keep my job for me until I return, this is handy because I know I’ll have an income when I return and can afford to spend a little more while on the trail (though I won’t quite be shouting everyone lobster dinners). The second piece was the very generous offer of accommodation by a couple in San Diego so I have somewhere to stay while I create my resupply packages for the first few months on the trail.
In other news I’ve been training hard, gaining weight and doing a little bit of planning. Last week I walked the Northern Circuit with my dad and sister, then did a couple of extra days on the Round The Mountain track. It was really good to get some proper practice in, using my new tent and cooking tools. I’ll write about it properly over on with a good selection of photos just as soon as I can. For now though you can check out my new hiker trash look.


Bird’s Nest

Friday, December 8th, 2006

The weirdest thing I saw today was a can in the Thai mini-market in Northcote. It was called Birds’s nest and had the strange subtext of “Flavoured Artificial White Fungus” which made up 4% of the ingredients. There’s also some text that says “boisson au parfum du nid d’oiseau” and you hardly need a translater to work out what that means. I bought it and drank it. It wasn’t foul as such, but I wouldn’t buy another one.

Procrastinator extrodinare!

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Yes I am back from Egypt, and I should have put up a post about what I did there. But things are busy now, and I am very tired. I’ve been tired for a week now and it is not good. I almost fell asleep in front of the big boss today. I been doing stuff too. Yesterday I sorted through almost 1/3 of my Egypt & Jordan photos. They are now all geocoded and ready to appear on Flickr and Panoramio, but I’ll do that another day. For now I have a tiny sample of my holiday snaps. Indisputable evidence that I have been to the great pyramids at Giza.

Craig's feet at the great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

Published in Waco

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

   A couple of weeks ago Terri Ryan of The Waco Tribune contacted me about a photo I took in Paris two years ago. Terri put together an article about numerous independence celebrations around the world. I received two copies of the article today and even though I knew my photo was going to be used I was amazed to see it for real.


   I even got credited there in a pretty prominent place, so my name is out there and hopefully being associated with good photographs. Some might think that I could have asked a hefty sum for something so big and featuring on the first page of their Entertainment section. But all I asked for was a copy to hang on my wall. Terri sent me two! Now I just need to find some where to frame it :-)



Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

Chemistry by Semisonic available in the iTunes Music Store

I remember when I found out about chemistry
It was a long, long way from here
I was old enough to want it but younger than I wanted to be
Suddenly my mission was clear

So for awhile I conducted experiments
And I was amazed by the things I learned
From a fine fine girl with nothing but good intentions and a
Bad tendency to get burned
All About Chemistry by Semisonic
All about chemistry

When you borrow a car

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

   If you borrow a friend’s car, to go away on a holiday while that friend is at work. It’s probably expected that you stick to the speed limit, especially if you’re leaving the country a week later and the friend (in this case me) will get a shock when a fine for $230 comes through the door!
   Luckily for me the offending party isn’t trying to get out of it and no demerit points are to be added to my clean licence. Read on for photographic proof….


A whole new year

Monday, January 3rd, 2005

   2005 is here and lots of people are doing their yearly summaries. But I’m feeling tired already so it will have to wait. I’m trying to get inspired to push through the ideas I have for this website, getting new photo albums available and other little widgets installed. I cobbled together a webcam with some Canon software and an Applescript that has been snapping away for a few days. At some point I’ll use my new AC adapter for time-lapse photography. What I really need there is a room with a view to capture 24 hours in sequence.

The Long Ride Home

Thursday, December 16th, 2004

Today was the work Christmas function, it was at the zoo and I was going to go and take some pictures of the seals flying past the glass, but fate had other ideas.

Traffic was reeeeaaalllly slow getting onto the motorway, so I had the chance to look in the side mirror of the car in front and saw a cute girl. She was very cute, quite my type and seemed to be smiling and happy even though no-one was in the car with her. But by the time we were actually on the motorway a thought crossed my mind. It might actually be Rachel, my ex, I couldn’t see well enough and it wasn’t her car (her number plate was Rachle). But it weirded me out. The my bike stalled. I guess I had been sitting there too long with the head light on and not enough revs. I pushed it to the side as quickly as I could and called dad, I could see his office from there. He said he couldn’t come because it is illegal to stop on the motorway unless it is an emergency. Strictly speaking that is the law, but I see loads of pairs of cars at the side of the road. They haven’t both broken down, one has come to get the other. Anyway I pushed my bike along a while to where a truck was stuck, and got that mechanic to push start me. I then road all the way home in high revs desperate to stop it from stalling. Coming through Kyberpass I saw this in my lane. Traffic was going slow enough that I picked it up and kept it. It wasn’t easy, and I’d have been a prize idiot if my bike had stalled again, or I’d knocked it over.

Now I am home and alone, I wonder where my family is.

Aspiring photographer

Tuesday, December 7th, 2004

I’ve spent most of this evening preparing and uploading photos to sell online via iStockPhoto. Next week will mark a year of them selling my photos and in that time I have amassed $17.50. WhooHoo! Tonight has been all about getting panoramic pictures up there. I really do have some nice pictures, I hope they sell well and that someday I’ll get to go back to each of those places

Ok so I’m not quite ready to retire yet, but I do like having a hobby, and it really makes me feel good every time someone choose one of my photos over everyone else’s.

I’ve had a good time switching between two computers, one compressing one uploading, and tidying my desk in between. I’ve entered the same competition three times because the W.O.F. guy gave me three forms and if I win the car I’ll let you all have a ride :-)

Garden State Blog

Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

Garden State came to me via a friend living in California who said it was the best film ever and her friend had driven 3 hours to see it because at that stage it was only showing in two towns in the world (LA and NYC if I remember rightly). Now it is a major success and everyone has heard about it. Due in no small part to the Garden State Blog that director and star Zach Braff keeps going. Yes he’s JD from Scrubs, but with this film he is also an accomplished director. I haven’t actually seen the film yet because it isn’t officially released here in New Zealand until tomorrow. There were some advance screenings but things transpired against me. Expect a full review when I can organise the Common People™ for a screening.