Hello to everyone looking for tech support on GeoTagger or iPhotoToGoogleEarth.  I’m in Japan at the moment and don’t have access to my source code or even a decent computer. It’ll be a few months before I set myself up again so if there are any problems during that time I won’t be able to fix them. I’ve heard that Google Earth 4.3 is having trouble rendering the KMZ files produced by iPhotoToGoogleEarth that worked fine with 4.2, but I can’t test it until I’m at a desk again. Watch this space for announcements and hold tight until then.
Thanks for your patience.

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2 Responses to “On the move”

  1. Pedro Says:

    Beautiful country and people… and food. I’ve been there for only 22 days. From Tokyo to Nagasaki and between…
    Well …
    I cannot figure it out how Geotagger works. I double-click the program and nothing happens. I have google earth open when I do it and also iphoto.
    I have a GPS tracker from Sony that I intend to use in Antarctida but I need help with some mac program that syncs the log file with photos. It’s only for that, because I prefer to geotag photos. I used Picassa but now I’m in a different plataform.

    Concerning the iphototogoogle there is an issue that I already read in other post. I can only see one picture each time I open Google. Never more than one.
    When you coming back from your trip ? In December it’s my turn to South America but for one month.

    Thank you and have a good journey.

  2. craig Says:

    From the ReadMe file “All you have to do is center Google Earth (version 4 only) over the spot your photos were taken at, or shows, and the drop the images you want to tag onto Geotagger”

    by that I mean the icon of Geotagger in the dock. Just drop your image onto that icon and Geotagger will ask Google Earth for the coordinates and write them into the image.