Things have genuinely been busy, but I must take some time out to write about them. The new year is here and I only have 3 months left before I fly off to America and start The Pacific Crest Trail. I got two pieces of news today that help me considerably. The first was that my employer will keep my job for me until I return, this is handy because I know I’ll have an income when I return and can afford to spend a little more while on the trail (though I won’t quite be shouting everyone lobster dinners). The second piece was the very generous offer of accommodation by a couple in San Diego so I have somewhere to stay while I create my resupply packages for the first few months on the trail.
In other news I’ve been training hard, gaining weight and doing a little bit of planning. Last week I walked the Northern Circuit with my dad and sister, then did a couple of extra days on the Round The Mountain track. It was really good to get some proper practice in, using my new tent and cooking tools. I’ll write about it properly over on with a good selection of photos just as soon as I can. For now though you can check out my new hiker trash look.


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  1. D.C. Says:

    Hey, mate!
    A couple of links on your page don’t work, but no problem: I’m just writing to let you know that I downloaded and use GeoTagger, and it *rocks*. I have lots of piccies on my website, but most are just snapshots, but one or two are nice, and I wanted to use GPS data, but don’t have a GPS system. Your software came to the rescue. Well done!!


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