The weirdest thing I saw today was a can in the Thai mini-market in Northcote. It was called Birds’s nest and had the strange subtext of “Flavoured Artificial White Fungus” which made up 4% of the ingredients. There’s also some text that says “boisson au parfum du nid d’oiseau” and you hardly need a translater to work out what that means. I bought it and drank it. It wasn’t foul as such, but I wouldn’t buy another one.

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  1. jackson Says:

    I can’t understand why you are not getting responses on your blog. I particularly enjoyed the chemistry poem. So subtle!

  2. Craig Says:

    Oh I get plenty of attempted comments, but they are all spam. Dozens of them every day. I just don’t write stuff for the masses, just little me and the occasional passer by.

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