I’ve just published the latest revision of RecentWidgets. Incase you hadn’t heard of it before I had better tell you what it does and why you can’t live without it. It’s an RSS feed watcher. And the particular feeds it watches come from the following widget download sites:RecentWidgets083bSmall.jpg

   So there you have it, and easy way to find the most recent widgets. It’s now at version 1.1 incorporating a fix that made it disappear when using the links on the back.

   And in case you’re wondering, this was the original one, if you see something very much like it, the chances are that they copied it from my source code, and I use HowToCreate.co.uk to get the RSS stuff going. I’ve come across a couple of cases where they copied every file in the NZMac.com widget and forgot to change the info files, so it still claimed to be ours in the Process Viewer. Not cool.

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