Ever since I realised just how many pictures I took during my Big O.E. I’ve been searching for a good way to display them. I took approximately 7,500 images (including a fair few videos) during the year I was away. After filtering them down to the ones I liked, and merging some into panoramic shots I have 1,500 saved on my computer. I thought that would be enough to make a picture mosaic but I needed much more.

   I found MacOSaiX a long time ago, but didn’t have enough photos back then to do my mosaics, so I used Google image searches to get more variety. Thanks to the nature of the web the pictures it retrieved would invariably contain some things that I really didn’t want to go printing out and sticking on my wall. But now I have my own source of images I had another go. My first attempt, using just images from my O.E. didn’t turn out that well. There wasn’t enough variety and some images were over used (though in version 2 of MacOSaiX it will be able to prevent the same image from appearing twice within the same area). So I used everything in my iPhoto library and came up with this…

click for larger image

   The plan was to print out each image, at least an inch across, and stick them to my wall one by one. But I really wasn’t satisfied with the overall image quality, and I’m not convinced that the photo of my climbing the First Flat Iron in Boulder really told enough about my trip to me the focus of such a large creation. So, what am I to do? Luckily I was recently sent a link to Mike Matas’ blog entry How To Make A Life Poster. The mini-tutorial he has there uses iPhoto 5 and Photoshop 7, but should be able to be done on plenty of other image editing programs, if you have the patience. I have both so I’ll get going on one of those soon. With a minor change. Since I have so many panoramas I’ll be exporting the giant (I know of at least one place that will print 20×30″) sheet from iPhoto and then manually editing it to add a few wide or tall images for effect. When i get around to it I’ll be sure to upload an image.

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