I have been fortunate enough and interested enough to take time out from the daily grind and see some of this amazing planet. Along the way I have kept travel-blogs that you may like to read. 

 The Big OE

In my first big solo trip I returned to England for a friend’s wedding and then set out in to Europe. Starting in the Alps I criss-crossed the continent meeting new people, meeting old friends and running from the bulls in Pamplona. I spent just over three months on the mainland before seeing some more of Britain and throwing in a quick visit to New York and Boulder before coming home.



In 2007 I set off on what can best be described as the most epic trip I’ve ever done. I walked the length of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. I wrote an entry for every day I was on the trail and I still read it from time to time to put me back to that wonderful place. I suggest you start from the beginning and read one entry a day until the end. I’m still working on the data I gathered during the walk and intend to produce useful maps for fellow hikers.


Walking became a big thing for me after the Pacific Crest Trail, so it made sense to return to the place where it all started, where I took my very first steps. Starting from the southern tip of Kyushu in April I followed spring north across the four major islands meeting other travelers and locals along the way. It’s another blog where starting on day one makes sense. This time I carried a video camera and some day I intend to mix it all together into a short film.