21 Dec

I have done lots recently but due to the price of internet access I haven't made a post. I left London and I went to Bath (in England). Bath is an amazing place and the easiest way to describe it is like a giant, georgian sand castle. The city is made out of bathstone which looks a lot to me like sandstone but I am assured it isn't. The city is realy different and would have been a lot better if I hadn't gotten sick and just wanted to die. I went to the NHS walk-in centre and had an experienced and trainee nurse pull at my ears. They decided I needed a decongestant inhaler and so I bought some oil thing which I had to put in hot water and do the whole steam vapour thing. Unfortunately, it didn't cure the ear infection and the Bath Costume museum experience, although impressive, was somewhat impaired by being unable to listen to the audio guide.

I left Bath and went to Cardiff. Cardiff was really cold and not at all what I expected. I arrived at about 4:30pm so it was dark and I got on the bus for the youth hostel. I was amazed at the beauty of this city, the bus route took us past Cardiff Castle (all lit up for Xmas), the town hall and municipal buildings (which all look like wedding cakes) and the skating rink in the public gardens. Everything was so pretty under the lights and it really took my breath away and I was lucky as I feel that this is the best way to experience Cardiff, at night. In the light of day it just becomes another city. The same shops as everywhere else in England and the only difference being the large number of rugby shops. The welsh are obsessed and there are badges which not only have the welsh flag but the welsh and NZ flag crossed together. I also never found anything with my name on, I feel ripped off!

I then chose to go to Llangollen (pronounced chlangochlen, with phlegm at the ch's). The place was a mission to get to and I was going here as it looked a convenient stop on the way to Wrexham. It turns out that the bus stop advertised as 'close by' was 3 miles away, which was horrible with my pack and since the bus driver didn't know where it was it was down to a welsh lady on the bus giving me directions. It would have been fine except the welsh accent is very stronog and I was deaf in the ear she was talking to. Llangollen was a pretty town though and I met the local doctor as by the next morning both ears hurt and I couldn't hear properly out either. He prescribed 'strong' decongestants and told me to take ibuprofen as I needed.

I caught the bus to Wrexham to meet the relatives. Wrexham is a town with very little going for it but my relative made it a warm and hospitable place. They were quick to point out that there was little to see but John, Doreen and Lynne took care of me and we went out to dinner, I saw photo's of the family and learnt the family history. I there saw the next doctor as sby mow my nose was bleeding and my throat hurt. He prescribed antibiotics and pain killers and Doreen made me stay inside where I couldn't get sicker. Thank goodness for family as they took care of me, fed me and made sure I was taking my pills which had dumb conditions like 'must be taken on a full stomach' but I wasn't hungry!

For those who are interested John is or was my grandmothers brother and Lynne is my fathers cousin. Doreen is the one who keeps them all in line :)

Next installment to follow, but I plan on going back some time to see Chester which I missed due to illness.

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