11 Aug

   After Belgium we headed to the tiny little country of Luxembourg. Most of the last hour of the train ride was really gorgeous. I suspect if you went that way a lot it would become mundane, but a newcomer to the area I really enjoyed the soft hills, the pine forests and the small towns that passed my window. We headed straight for the hostel and found it intertwinned with a building site, hence no washing or cooking facilities. The guy at the desk was most helpful in pointing out things to see in the town, except the restaurant he recommended was closed on Sundays.

   The first tourist thing we did once we started walking around the city was The Casemates. YouŽll need to read up on the history of Luxembourg to get the full story. Essentially this is part of the old fortifications that they couldnŽt dismantle and involves lots of under ground tunnels.
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Back in day light we walked the little streets and admired the small palace and government buildings. In the square where we stopped for dinner a panpipe band were playing. I really like panpipe music, especially moody stuff, so although this was very wrong for Luxembourg, it was very right for me.

   Nothing much happened in the morning, but I did manage to get one of each of the Euro coins from Luxembourg as requested by a certain B&B owner in England. IŽll bring them to you in October :-)

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