24 Aug

   At the Prague main station we said goodbye to Anand, Dave and Nate as we set off towards our hostel. The city is in the middle of fixing some trams lines, so the numbers quoted in our book weren't all that helpful. I tried to ask the driver of the tram sitting at our expected boarding point, but he refused to talk to me, holding up his hand, shrugging shoulders and turning away. I was trying to point to the station name in a leaflet for the Clown and Bard hostel but he wouldn't help. Probably not specified in his contract so he wasn't forced to do it. We got there anyway and had time to settle in before starting the 'Real Tour' at midday. A local lady walked us and half a dozen others around the town for 6 hours. We passed the town square where a major part of the thirty years war started. There was lots of talk of Protestants throwing Catholics from the townhall windows, and then the Catholics beheading the Protestants a while later. Then into the Jewish quarter. Preserved by the Nazis this site was going to be used for a museum of extinct races! The Charles Bridge, along with other town sights, were used in the filming of Mission Impossible, so I need to watch that film another time for places I have now been. After lunch the tour went up the hill to the main castle in the town, with big impressive views across the entire town.

   We had dinner in the town square. It was a great meal for little money, and we both felt pretty good afterwards. When leaving the restaurant we found the three guys and compared stories of the town walks we'd all been on, and how cheap it was here compared to the other places we've been. They are heading into Italy now so we may run into them again.

   This morning was a lazy one, we slept in and took our time to meander down to the train station to book tickets to Vienna. We were told to go to the other station to do that but given very little detail about this mystery station. The Tourist Info booth comfirmed where we should be, but only told us that the subway was down stairs. That much is true, but another interesting fact is that it was closed that day, and had been planned to be closed for quite a while judging from the signs. We found a replacement bus, got there and then found that we didn't need reservations, but if we had, we could have done it from the first station. All this brings me to the point of not liking the civil servants of Prague very much. For the rest of the day we wandered around town, returning to sights from the day before and spending a while looking at the local handy work on the craft stalls. Tonight we have planned most of our time left in Europe, depending on a few factors the roster is set and I will try to get it online soon.

A sunset over Prague

Cliche black and white photo of prague

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