6 Feb

   Last weekend marked the 13th day in a row that I turned up to work at Threshers. It also marked my first day off in a long time. I put it to good use by racing up to Reading on Saturday night. The weather wasn't as nice as it was back in June when i was there last, but I made the most of the outdoors anyway. Lorraine and I drove around the area (well she drove, I watched) seeing some of the local countryside and generally heading towards the White Horse of Uffington. It is pretty hard to see it from the ground, but you can get the impression that this is one very stylish horse, not just some druid lone drawing. It isn't even a regular 'scratch the surface away' trick, they dug out the figure and filled it with chalk. We took a walk from there over to Waylands Smithy, a passage grave that is something like 3000 years old.

   On Monday morning I did something a little bit out of the ordinary for a Kiwi on their O.E., I had an interview at Oxford University! I'll find out in a months time if anythings comes of it, but I doubt I'd accept the offer anyway, I just liked to be asked :-)

   oh yeah, this weekend is my first payday in 8 months, WhooHoo!

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