Feels like home

New Zealand
May 09, 2004

   The weirdest thing about being home is that everything feels normal. I've been woken up by my little brothers to talk about dinosaurs, I've been out to a pub quiz with friends and I've sat in my room and surfed the net. It's as if I never left. Sure the little ones have grown a year older and are into different things, but everyone else seems pretty much as I left them and we are carrying on where we left off a year ago.

   My motorbike is back in action, though I still need to get it a warrant and pay the road tax to make it legal. Riding that home yesterday it felt really good to have my own wheels once again. The difference between just driving a car and riding a bike, being part of the machine, is something I have missed. Even a scooter in Greece couldn't quite capture the same feeling. Mark and I went for a cruise yesterday, he got a bike licence while I was gone so some things have changed. One of the things on my list to do in NZ is another tour of the south island, but this time with someone else. Indoor soccer started last weekend and I'll be in my first match tonight, hopefully I'll get to catch up with most of the gang there.

   As for what I am going to do after that I don't know. I am still deciding whether I want to go get a serious job or go back to university. I even looked at volunteering overseas but I think I should reacquaint myself with New Zealand first and I'll get back to thinking of overseas next year. I have a truck-load of photos to look at, upload and print.

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