Halfway back

May 04, 2004
Packed up at Heathrow
Packed up at Heathrow
   I'm in Singapore enjoying the free internet but not really liking the humidity in here. With a bit of luck I'll find a way to get an ethernet cable so I can get my own computer online because I really need something to do with my stopover here, and shopping isn't for me. I could buy a 'travel' cable but they are charging way too much and it would defeat the purpose of free internet. Not long now....
final farewell
My final farewell

updated a little while later
   OK so I have myself a seat and I can take a moment to upload photos. Marko, James and Sarah came to say goodbye at the airport. It was a pretty scary drive with the windows all fogged up and really heavy rain cutting visibility, but we got there with loads of time to spare so we wandered the halls for a while. I managed to get away without paying for any excess baggage. My secret? Sending stuff as 'books' made it cheaper in England, and then I put all my heavy stuff into my small backpack and then I got a bag labeled Duty Free into which I dumped my generic white bag (containing loads of sweets) and some spare clothes. No questions, no fees :-)
   I guess it is time I left here and started the long trek back to terminal 2, I wish I had a pair of these.

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