24 Apr

   I said goodbye to Levi and Sarah on Tuesday morning. They're so cool, and it is definitely their turn to come to visit me next. I slept a fair amount of the way from Denver to New York, and after faffing about at JFK for a few hours I slept a fair amount of the way from JFK to Heathrow. Not good sleep but at least it passed the time. Once back on the ground I got myself around to check-in under the weight of my enlarged bags that now include a few more t-shirts, some I heart NY mugs and a climbing harness. Before long a familiar face popped up. Bex and I talked for a while and I got caught up on all the news from back home, hard to believe it is only two weeks until I'll be back there. She flew off to Turkey and I took the underground to Victoria, where a Kiwi girl approached me for directions. I guess the big bags and 'fun pants' give me the traveller look. Lucky she was trying to get to Heathrow or I'd have been very little use.

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