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April 24, 2004

   I'd been back in the country only a few hours when I called James and found that he needed a second person to help crew his lorry and move a mobile home up towards Hull and bring another one back down. Because of the laws on the number of hours one can drive in a single sitting and the distance to Hull etc etc, we set off from Sussex at about 4am. I was a little sleep deprived at that point having recounted my adventures to Marko, Emma and Lorraine so I crawled into one of the bunks and slept until James had to repair an injection

james Driving
James Driving
pipe that involved tipping the whole cab over. I couldn't help at all when we were driving, but when we got to the first stop I help set up the trailer and it's skids (ramps to pull the mobile home up). It felt really good to be doing some real work even when crouched under the home trying to lift a metal plank weighing more than I do. We ate at some little food caravan along the way and stopped at The Stockyard for the night. Certainly a proper welcome back to English cuisine, full roast beef dinner, yorkshire puddings, apple sauce and mashed potatoes mmmmmm. James' cab has two bunks and there is a big heat difference between them. He was on the lower one so he kept blasting the heater on and off during the night. Sometimes I needed my sleeping bag, and sometimes I didn't.

   At 6:49am we pulled into the yard to pick up home number two. It took all day and another replacement injector pipe to drop it off in Eastbourne by which time we were running on fumes. Another load of huffing and puffing to get the sleds out and the home down before we could get back to home base.

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"I'd been back in the country only a few hours when..."


Oh! THAT country. I thought you'd pulled a Peter on us (Stanton that is).

Posted by: Peter at April 26, 2004 12:26 AM

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