Rocky Mountain High

April 20, 2004
A tree icicle
An icicle on a tree
   It was 5am before I got to sleep on Sunday morning, which put a bit of a dampener on our plans to go snowshoeing up to the Continental Divide. Instead we opted for a later start and a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a really sunny drive all the way there, so we were a little surprised (and I was very excited) to find it snowing for the last few miles to the car park. We sat in the car for a while, eating our lunch and debating whether we should get out since we weren't really prepared for the cold. But get out we did and I got to play around in the snow for quite a while as we walked around the lake. Last time Levi and Sarah came here they were able to walk straight across the iced
levi and his shiny glasses
Levi and his shiny glasses
lake, but on that day it was really slushy and it was too dangerous to go too near the edge. We walked around and played in the snow as we went. In one part it was deep enough for Levi to sink below his waist in the powder. The snow came and went, some times really heavy and sometimes there were blue skies. After we circled the lake and had a little fun sliding on the compacted snow (video 2.5Mb)
A rock in the blizzard
A rock in the blizzard
we drove further into the park to try to get a look at Long's Peak. That was the one part of the park that seemed to be permanently hidden in the clouds. I got to see a few elk roaming the fields. They really are like big beefed-up deer, there were even some wandering across the road very calmly just like the beginning of Northern Exposure and the moose.
   We stopped for mexican on the way home. At Juanita's (who do great margaritas) in Boulder we were discussing who should drive home. I offered but said that since they drive on the wrong side over there I could only turn right or go straight through intersections, no left turns for me. They debated whether it was possible or not for a while and eventually decided it was. It didn't seem easy and we'd have to go via a car park or two and a side alley next to a hotel, but eventually we got back with only right turns. I hope I've spread a little of the student spirt and that someday they'll write to tell me that it is possible with only left turns too :-) That night we watched Finding Nemo, so I was halfway there on understanding the funny little quotes that Levi and Sarah had been saying all week. We saw The Emperors New Groove on Monday night and that had me fully up to date. During the day on Monday I hiked back up to the saddle just below the First Flatiron. From there I took some photos which I added to the rock climbing story showing the route we took. It seemed pretty crazy looking at it there in the sunlight, and being able to turn around and walk back down at any moment. There was no one on the rock that day so I had to guesstimate the scale. I spent a fair part of the afternoon writing up the rock climbing adventure and piecing together the images I have uploaded, until the others came back from work, then we got Thai take-out and watched movies.

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I can SO imagine you driving around taking only right turns - very Road Trip.

Ps. "Mi-ine mi-ine mi-ine mi-ine"

Posted by: Peter at April 26, 2004 12:22 AM

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