17 Jul

   So, I left Mike's Bike Tours in a relaxed state and headed for the Luxembourg Gardens via the metro system. On the way I met Tristan, and Australian here on some sort of cultural exchange between university terms. It wasn't until he left and I headed for the metro to get to the Gare du Nord train station, that I realised my battery charger and one camera battery were still plugged into the wall at Mike's. On the other side of Paris. with just one hour before my train was set to leave. And after closing time. Oh dear x 1000.

   As I had paid for a bed on the train I decided to get on it anyway and headed for Hamburg. It was so hot and humid, everyone was hanging out the windows until we were well out of the city and could see thunderstorms on the horizon. I called ahead to Jørgen and told him that we would have to meet a day later because the charger was pretty essential for my photography of Jotunheimen. I arrived in Hamburg the next morning, and two hours later was heading back the way I had just come. In Paris I probably impressed some people, amused others and scared the rest as I ran, fully loaded with my big back pack, through the trains station to the metro and changed tracks with incredible ease. I got to the tour centre with less than 10 mins until they closed, and without a chance for a shower in the last 24 hours I was surprised they let me in at all. But they did and they had my stuff sitting there ready for me.

   This time I triple checked everything, I even put my bag outside and did a quick scan of the floor one more time to make sure nothing had fallen out and been missed. Then once more to the train station, and once more on the night train to Copenhagen (via Hamburg). At first I thought I had the whole cabin to myself but then 5 others filed in and took up the other seats. After listening to them talk together I recognised the language as Norwegian, and sure enough 4 of the girls were from there, the fifth was Swedish. When I told them of my plans for hiking in the Jotunheimen park they were all very happy to tell me as much as they could about getting there and their own time in the mountains. It was an uncomfortable night, being woken 3 times by the conductor to check tickets and I was relieved to roll into Hamburg this morning. Another couple of hours in the station and I caught my ride to Copenhagen. To cross a particularly large stretch of water the train boarded a ferry, which was pretty cool. A smooth crossing and then back to regular land-based travel. At the Copenhagen main station I recognised Jørgen from his online photo very easily and after lunch in Tivoli he showed me around town. Mostly all I could say was 'wow' as I heard about the various harbours and castles and other assorted buildings rich in history.

   Tonight I am staying in Jørgen's house. Right on the border of the city and the country, this old thatched building is visited by a local deer and bird-life. My last two nights have been on trains, I am glad to be in real house for a change. There will not be any internet connection in the mountains and I'll probably be out of cellphone reception for a week so don't expect any more updates until I have completed the walk. Cheerio.

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HAHA I ran an imaginary company called Mike's Bikes for a marketing paper. Saounds like you're suffering from travellers paranoia.

Enjoy your Nordic beauties and send pictures!

Posted by: Sam at July 17, 2003 11:54 PM

Right... 5 ladies on the train... 4 from Norway and 1 from Sweeden, all sharing the cabin with you... This sounds like an American teen movie theme! Dude! Yes, sorry Denis, I can respond now with evidence! Click on the link in my name for _proof_ that Craig is getting _all_ the ladies!! And from the sounds of it, not just in Switzerland, but Italy, France, and now crossing all kinds of borders!

Seriously though Craig, have a fantastic time (as if you weren't already). I know Sarah and I are over here in Colorado constantly asking eachother "Why aren't we there with him??"

Egarly awaiting your next post...


Posted by: Levi Brown at July 18, 2003 12:18 AM

Yeah...I'm looking forward to your explanation too! :)

As an aside, you should look at doing a map and showing your movements through Europe. It'd be fun if only to have a look at the number of times you end up backtracking in one form or another! :)


Posted by: James at July 18, 2003 07:15 AM

Here is Craig in the Royal Library Park, Copenhagen. Thank you Jørgen for the photograph. (click the link below)

Posted by: Denis Stanton at July 18, 2003 11:57 AM

For a picture of Craig in the Royal Library park Copenhagen click the link below. Thank you Jørgen for the photograph.

Posted by: Denis Stanton at July 18, 2003 12:00 PM

We are sending Greetings for the 20th - early.
Now you will be nearing Norway - good tramping.

Posted by: Nana/Grandad at July 19, 2003 12:57 AM

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