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Emails are not charged per letter

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

In the land of Twitter and text-messages I can understand the need to shorten words, use TLAs or even resort to txt spk. But emails can be as long and verbose as you like. So why do people feel the need to bring the limits of Twitter to other forms of communication? Case in point: I’m trying to sell a car at the moment so I put it up on, NZ’s equivalent of eBay. I got a response from someone.

Hey, Dis is —-. I jst had a look at ur Curren. Nice car. I am interested in this. So may I plz knw dat does it have any major or minor problems, and what’s the last price you are looking for? Plz mail me on ——- or txt me on ——–. Thanx

So I responded, and told them we’d listed the car for $3600 and they could call if they wanted to see it. No response. Then a week later they emailed again. Same email, but this time using their surname.

Hi there, Dis iz —. jst had a luk at ur vehicle, looks nice. If its stil there, I am interested in it. So, may I knw dat does it have any problems(major or minor). And may I knw d last price to offer. Frankly saying, I’ve got only $2400 at d moment as I hv jst sold my car. So if u r ready, can I hv a luk? Thnx

Really? I mean “Rly?”. Do people really expect be to drop the price of the car by 1/3 just because they don’t have the cash? A car is worth what ever it is worth and if you can’t afford it don’t send me your illiterate msgs trying to get some special deal, because I don’t know you and I don’t care and I am not willing to effectively give you $1200.

Hi —/—-,
Stl no mjr probs, stl sme mnr paint dmg on bmpr. We r stl xpcting ovr $3k 4 it though, lke I sed lst tme, we lsted it @ $3600 so cme bak 2 us whn u’ve got d cash.