I used to fancy myself as a bit of a movie maker. I gathered dozens, maybe hundreds, of hours of general (mis-)adventures and made short clips out of them. My siblings and I even came up with an show called Friends well before the famous one went to air.

They never got very far and were never intended to. The first one I ever distributed was on VHS to friends of mine documenting the scavenger hunt/road-trip we sent ourselves on in 2000. Since then I’ve done a lot more traveling and filming, combining the two on a site called (which has now gone out of business). They even got so keen on my clips they edited together a trailer for the film I am supposed to be working on right now. 


Videos from my trip on the PCT are available YouTube, my most popular being the timelapse video below. It’s made from daily photos taken during my 6 month trip across the states, showing my progression from city slicker to ferrel mountain man.

My second time lapse is composed of photos taken as I walked across Japan. I tried to pose in a way that made it look like I was walking across the screen, and it almost works. I’m going to update it with a black background as soon as I can pick a 9 second music track to play at the same time.