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The New Zealand Flag

Friday, January 7th, 2005

My car has a radio with Japanese frequencies, thus I limited choice in the stations I listen too. I tuned into News Talk ZB today, and heard them debating the flag. Someone recently called for it to be changed and the presenter, and every caller was lashing into them for being unpatriotic and forgetting the so many NZers died for the flag. I disagree. I think they died for our right to self govern, not to be ruled but other countries and to ensure that every country has that right.

I called up and said such. I mentioned that Great Britain is only a part of the heritage of some of the people here. And that the % of people it represents is rapidly decreasing. What we need is something that represents the country, so I brought up Mr Hundertwasser’s design.

haha The next caller on is thinking the same thing. Agreeing with my points. “the previous caller had a really good point about the cultures represented”, and how people fight for the country not the flag.

We’ll see how long that lasts.