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LiveWidget 2.0

Friday, October 7th, 2005

LiveWidget Front   It’s been available else where for a few weeks now so I guess I should mention LiveWidget 2.0 on my own blog. LiveWidget is a client for the LiveJournal weblog site that runs in Apple’s Dashboard (part of OS X 10.4). It’s much the same as before of course, no major rewrite here, but there are some new features that make it worth the download.

  • Userpics: Log in and you’ll get a list of all your uploaded userpics
  • Tags: add tags to your entries to help sort them later
  • Secure Passwords: using a plugin by Benjamin Swanson to store passwords in the OS X Keychain

   I hope people out there enjoy it, drop me line if you have any ideas for improvements.

Update: A problem has been found and fixed under OS X 10.4.3 so if you have LiveWidget 2.0 you should update to 2.1

LiveWidget 2.1

RecentWidgets 1.1

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

   I’ve just published the latest revision of RecentWidgets. Incase you hadn’t heard of it before I had better tell you what it does and why you can’t live without it. It’s an RSS feed watcher. And the particular feeds it watches come from the following widget download sites:RecentWidgets083bSmall.jpg

   So there you have it, and easy way to find the most recent widgets. It’s now at version 1.1 incorporating a fix that made it disappear when using the links on the back.

   And in case you’re wondering, this was the original one, if you see something very much like it, the chances are that they copied it from my source code, and I use to get the RSS stuff going. I’ve come across a couple of cases where they copied every file in the widget and forgot to change the info files, so it still claimed to be ours in the Process Viewer. Not cool.

LiveWidget goes 1.0

Monday, June 27th, 2005

   It’s about time that LiveWidget went 1.0, so I’ve released it to, VersionTracker and a few more widget-only sites. Until now it has only been available from the excellent site, but since it’s almost what I originally aimed for I want to get it to a wider audience and see what they think.
LiveWidget Front   Of course there are more things I want to do with it, including support for user icons and the new tagging feature, but I’m getting busy at work and it’ll be a few weeks before I can get to them.


Widgets widgets everywhere

Monday, June 6th, 2005

   It’s never a good sign when a site is left for as long as this one has been ‘in progress’, but I have been busy. Among the number of projects and distractions I have been dealing with is a new technology (or rather a new use of existing technology) by Apple. The Dashboard is part of OS X 10.4 (usually called Tiger) and serves as a host to small programs called Widgets.
   They are mostly made with web technology, Javascript, HTML and CSS are the three main components, but they can also use plugins written in other languages but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ve been involved with three widgets so far, but have been dismayed to find my work turning up in other ones that haven’t had the decency to mention that the work they are touting as their own, actually comes from me. That really pisses me off. The worst was a guy called Rik, who when confronted with the fact that the code he pushed as his was entirely copied from the widget I helped write only responded with

“jep, because there was nobody who wanted to help me… (that’s why I borrowed some codes of you ) “