Hey there uncles, aunts and cousins,
I’m happy to now be able to tell you about a new project I am managing. As you know I partnered with a developer (Tania McBeth) late last year and we’ve just passed the alpha stage with Version 2. Now that we’re in beta I can announce it publicly and start sharing screen shots (attached). It’s a self-funded start-up venture with an expected ROI of approximately 30 years. The central processing unit is up and running with basic motor control established. If everything goes to plan we’ll have a release candidate in autumn and will be going gold master on April 20th 2012.

~Craig, and Tania, and version 2.0

P.S. Right now I’m under sedation from a wisdom teeth operation so I’m explicitly forbidden from driving and “making important decisions” so the talk about product branding will have to wait a few days.

2 Responses to “New project”

  1. Crazy Brown Family Says:

    What a wonderful development, and so great to know you are code complete! Undoubtably 2.0 will keep you busy with pager duty and late night patches, but the synergy of the integration will assuredly suprise and delight. All our best, from Boulder CO, where we have initiated a couple startups of our own.

  2. Josh Allen Says:

    Congratulationg Craig, glad to hear you are doing well.

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