Just a quick note for people who use Elgato’s EyeTV on their Macs in New Zealand. I’ve got an Automator script here that will fetch a TV schedule and load it into EyeTV. It takes care of deleting the file it downloads but you might need to open it (use the Automator program) to change where it downloads to.

EyeTV nz epg downloader

As noted below by Darren you need to change the channels in your guide to xmltv.

Updated March 19th 2013 to new data source. Thanks Danny P

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13 Responses to “EyeTV EPG for NZ TV”

  1. David J. O'Connor Says:

    Hi Craig! many thanks for this, not sure how to use it… new to macs. Any tips would be appreciated!

    Many thanks !


    DJO :) :)

  2. David J. O'Connor Says:

    well. not new, but never used automator

  3. craig Says:

    If you double-click the script it’ll run, just like a regular program. If you need to edit it then open Automator and use the “Open…” option.

  4. Rob Says:

    Hi Craig

    I didn’t have any joy either. I suspect there are a couple of critical steps missing. If you have time more explicit instructions would be much appreciated.

  5. craig Says:

    I’ve just updated the app on here to make sure it is the same as the one on my Mac at home, it now points to the Downloads folder of my home directory, hopefully that will translate to the same folder on your computer. If it doesn’t work for you should try opening it with Automator and seeing if any of the steps are reporting an error, try changing the place it downloads too (the file will be deleted at the end of the process).

    When it works there should be no other steps. Just run “EyeTV Schedule” like any other application and it’ll do everything for you.

  6. Dan Shelley Says:


    Great Script Is there anyway of turning this into a script so i can add it to iCal to run weekly? iCal wont recognize the file in its current format.



  7. craig Says:

    ‘fraid not. I’ve opened it up in Automator and I can save it as a workflow or an application. Maybe you’ll have to find something else to trigger it that can accept either of them Or write a script that just starts the EyeTV Schedule. It’d probably be a one-liner, I don’t recall the syntax exactly but something like:

    Tell application “Finder”
    open “EyeTV Schedule”
    end tell

  8. Darren Says:

    Thanks for providing this.
    I wasn’t having much joy at first but I had a poke around in EyeTV to have it use the downloaded EPG.

    First, run the automator that Craig’s provided.
    In EyeTV, press CMD+G to open the program guide.
    Click on ‘Channels’
    For each channel the EPG column probably says “DVB”
    Change each to “xmltv”.
    For some (or most) channels you will be prompted to match the channel in a popup.

    Once you’ve done this, you’re good to go.

    Note that there are a few channels you’ll need to leave on DVB as they aren’t provided for on the downloaded schedule (Trackside etc)… at least that’s what I experienced.

  9. Glynn Says:

    Hi Craig. This has been brilliant for the NZ EPG – thank you!
    Have just updated Eyetv to 3.5.3 (build 6740) which has left Eyetv with no EPG data. Any ideas?
    Thanks and regards,

  10. Adrian Says:

    Thanks works brilliantly been looking for something like this for a long time

  11. Mat Says:

    Hi Craig

    Downloaded this and it went perfectly, just had to change it slightly to delete the file afterwards.

    Thanks so much for doing this!!

  12. Danny P Says:

    Hi Craig,

    THe nzepg URL in your script needs to change to: http://epg.org.nz/freeview.xml.gz

    According to this:http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/mythtvnz/540519?do=post_view_flat#540519 the nzepg.org domain expired over the last couple of days.


  13. Dan Says:

    Thanks Danny P for the new address -that works like a treat!

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