In just over 24 hours I expect to be picking up the keys to my first house. I expect it will be my only house for the next couple of decades. Not only is selling/buying houses expensive, it can also be extremely frustrating when solicitors forget to tell you things or print out vital documents that means taking the afternoon off work was a complete waste of time.
But come tomorrow that’ll all be over and Tania and I will be moving our belongings to the suburb of Birkdale where a number of friends have already bought houses. While we’ve been living in Point Chevalier with our friends Peter and Andy, Tania has been doing a lot of gardening. So it was by happy coincidence that while looking at a cardboard laptop stand I stumbled upon an excellent Suzanne Forsling Gutter Gardensystem for growing plants in reclaimed gutters along the side of a house devised by Suzanne Forsling. I’ve come up with an addition that’ll save some water and time. A bit of old piping laid along behind the gutter with holes drilled down the length of it would disperse water better than just watering one end of the plants, and if that pipe were fed from the downpipe of the roof-top guttering then it’d mean the system pretty much takes care of itself.
I’ve continued browsing the web for DIY projects and found lots and

A few of my favourites are:

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  1. Ayumi Says:

    Gutter Garden, greaaat idea! Congratulations on your new home! We must visit you some day!

  2. Paul Says:

    Yes, Congrats! I, too, have been searching for creative methods for growing plants. I hope your new home serves you well and look forward to seeing you agian.

  3. Tom Bissell Says:

    Is this thing on? =) What are you up to, Craig?

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