The latest incarnation of Apple’s iMovie has many cool new features and I’m coming around to using it rather than iMovie HD 6 that I’ve kept hold of all these years. Among them is an animated globe that draws a line Indiana Jones style.
Globe in iMovie '09 As great as that seems you’re stuck with the 1600 or so locations that Apple chose. You can rename them but not change the coordinates. That’s where iMovieLocationEditor comes in. It simply adds new locations along with the names you’ve chosen (can be changes within iMovie just like the originals). You can type in the coordinates in you know them but it’s much easier to find it in Google Earth and then press the big button to import it into iMovieLocationEditor.

Apple changed something in iMovie 8.0.1. If you’re not seeing the changes appear in iMovie download version 1.03 and give that a try. If you think you’ve corrupted your location list you can download my backup.

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2 Responses to “Adding locations to iMovie ’09”

  1. Henrik Says:

    Is it possible to make it Universal Bin for us old PPC guys?

  2. Julian Says:

    Hi Craig,

    I am not yet a user of iMovie ’09, but I know I will like the Travel feature. I found this blogpost of yours, and definitely like the idea of importing more locations.

    I would love to see a completely different feature: A road trip feature. I would like to be able to set routes down to the last intersection (maybe with the super-genius Google Maps routig, and dragging-the-route-feature), then have the same feature for car trips.

    I know I should just geotag (or GPS-log) new trips, but I would like to do this with old travels and journeys, reliving them via satellite picture, and adding that to my movies. I know Google Earth can export film sequences in some expensive version, maybe something similar can be made for “the rest of us” by a cunning programmer…

    Best of wishes from literally the other side of the Planet (Germany),


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