My video has been up on the site for a little while now but those of us not lucky enough to ever get listed as the most-recent applicants are struggling to get anywhere near the number of views those lucky few are receiving. Two days on the front page can bring in thousands of votes. So, I’m putting out a second post to encourage you to watch my video and give me a vote. I’ve heard that one New Zealander is guaranteed through to the next round and if you’re here to thank me for my software or after follwoing any of my travel blogs, the best thing you can do for me right now is a 5 star rating, and telling your friends about it too.

To try to drum up publicity I’ve created a page here on my site that I’ll keep up to date and voting progresses and a Facebook group that you’re welcome to join.

Here are those links again
Facebook group:

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2 Responses to “IslandReefJob”

  1. Larry Nebel Says:

    Hi Craig – sounds like life is going good for you

    People are asking for KML output from iPHoto ’09 – I’ve suggested they look at your plug in and see if it works in ’09 – I’ve not had a chance to give it a try – have you tested it yet?

    Larry Nebel

  2. craig Says:

    Hi Larry,
    The plugin does work in iPhoto ’09, but it doesn’t have access to the locations that iPhoto ’09 is using. Apple doesn’t store that info in the image and iPhotoToGoogleEarth can’t read Apple’s database. So though I like the idea of iPhoto ’09s geotagging, I don’t consider it complete until they use the standard that was around for years before their half-spun effort.

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