Google Earth 5 has just been released and it includes some interesting features. Top of my list is that they have fixed the problem of only drawing the first image in a KMZ files (like those produced by my iPhotoToGoogleEarth plugin). There are other things like being able to look at historic data and under the (animated) sea, but I think you’ll agree seeing your own photos on the map is far more important. :)


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  1. Mark Ford Says:

    Thanks for the news. When I saw that Google Earth 5 had fixed the ‘only drawing one picture’ problem I returned to geotagging with enthusiasm only to find the the iPhotoToGoogleEarth plugin wasn’t carried forward to iPhoto ’09.
    I tried to load it without success.
    The iPhoto Places feature is inaccurate but OK for some casual purposes but it doesn’t produce KMZ files so is limited in it’s utility.
    Will you be preparing a version that works in ’09 Craig? I do hope so as I am working with it on a volunteer project for our local Museum which had been on hold until GE was fixed. []
    Mark Ford

  2. Mark Ford Says:

    My apologies – I have been able to install iPhotoToGoogleEarth.
    Yipee – now I can get on!

  3. iCraig » Blog Archive » Google Earth 4.3 only showing first image Says:

    [...] Now that Google Earth 5 is out the issue has been resolved. Please upgrade your software to see all the photos that [...]

  4. Pedro Says:

    I updated for Google Earth 5. The KMZ file that I had produced by exporting from the iPhotoToGoogleEarth plugin still have the same problem. The yellow markers appear all over the Google earth but still have the x mark in the photos.

    So I deleted that old KMZ file and produce a new one with that same plug in.
    Now some photos appear in google earth when I click it and also travels to that place but some of them when I pass the pointer over, there is no link and also the yellow markers don’t appear in almost all of them when I’m in the map. I have 433 photos

    What I’m doing wrong ? I do not know if there is also an upgrade to that plug in.
    Can you help me ?

  5. Pedro Says:

    Sorry, but the problem is worst.
    No I opened again the google earth and everything is again as with the old version plus other problem. No even the yellow markers disappeared.

  6. Pedro Says:

    I forgot to say that I’m using iphoto08 as always,

  7. craig Says:

    Hi Pedro,
    Sorry to hear you’re having troubles. For me to investigate further you need to send me some files. Start with a few of the images that are in iPhoto, and also a sample KMZ file that you’re making. I’ll try it on my copies of Google Earth on Mac and PC.

    You can find my email address in the Read Me file that came with iPhotoToGoogleEarth, or you can leave it next time you write a comment. The one you supplied before is bouncing back to me.

  8. Pedro Says:

    Hi Craig

    I didn’t yet have the time to send you a small kmz file, but I notice that after a new export all the photos are now with the yellow marker and showing the image.
    But this happens only the first time I open in google earth.
    The second time I re-open Google earth all the photos still are there with the yellow markers, but all of them with the x marker not showing the image(even the first I try)

  9. Pedro Says:

    I found the problem. It seems if you save your places in Google Earth instead of being in a temp folder the problem appears.

    So the solution is, everytime you want to see your geotagged photos you load the KMZ file and then when exiting Google Earth you do not save the file,

  10. Google Wave Forum Says:

    I have created an EveryTrail Trip and everything looks good on your site, including photos and a track record.

    I am also trying to make new Google Earth 5 Tours. However, when I create a KML file from my EveryTrail Trip, the photos do not show up. The track is visible, but the Play tour button does not do anything.

    I could create my own tour if I could see the photos. This Blog entry implies I should be able to do this and the examples show what I want to do with my own Everytrail trips.

    Can you tell me how to turn on the photos in Google Earth? And/or how to use my EveryTrail trips to make a tour like the ones shown here?

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