After releasing Geotagger 2 I’ve taken a break from Mac programming and branched out into making apps for iPhones. I’ve been officially accepted into the programme and I’ve got most of the logic sorted on my first game. What’s missing now is the real spit an polish to make it a seller, something that people will show off to the friends and earn me another sale. Yes I’m now charging for my apps.

There will be more about that in a coming post, about sustainability, about my coding projects and about the cool new geotagging in iPhoto.


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  1. Loweded Wookie Says:

    When I used GeoTagger on some PNG images nothing happened however when I used JPGs it worked fine.

    Is the issue that GeoTagger doesn’t support PNG or that PNG doesn’t support geotagging?

  2. craig Says:

    As far as I can tell PNGs don’t do GPS Exif data, at least not in a standard enough way to be useful. Since JPGs cover so much of the consumer generated content most things like that are geared towards that format.

  3. Loweded Wookie Says:

    It seems iPhoto uses another method for PNGs because it will geotag them but it doesn’t tag anything in the photo.

  4. craig Says:

    Are you using iPhoto ’09? That doesn’t store GPS data in the images be they PNG or JPG, which is going to mess up my iPhotoToGoogleEarth exporter. I’m contacting Apple to find out where they store it and how I can get my code in there.

  5. Loweded Wookie Says:

    Yeah I am.

    I think what I’ll do is reconvert back to JPG and use your tool to keep all the tags in. I really like GeoTagger because it makes life so much easier.

  6. Roni Says:

    I love your blog. A friend was bragging about MultiCam St. Louis today when traffic was backed up due to an over-turned vehicle in the middle of I-70. I just passed on the other side of the highway & after he posted on Facebook via Twitter, I told him about where the wreck was…then he posted how excellent your app was, how its spot on. He, however, has an iPhone & I have a BlackBerry. I want an iPhone, but I won’t be switching cellular carriers for at least two more years. So, unless Sprint ever carries the iPhone, I’ll never get to utilize your app or apps! I’m wondering if & when you’ll make some BlackBerry apps??? Please!!! Thanks!!!

    Roni in STL MO

  7. Roni Says:

    Or do you know where else there would be RIM/BlackBerry apps?
    Thanks again!

  8. Susheel Patil Says:

    Hi – downloaded your program geotagger. I’m not sure if the coordinates are making it to the pictures. I download the photos to my MAC. I run GoogleEarth and amusing the crosshairs to center the location I would like to have encoded on the pictures. I run geotagger and drag the photos of interest over the geotagger icon. Geotagger seems to see that it is receiving photos since it reports the number of photos to tag. After that though I don’t see anyway to verify that the picture has been tagged. When I import the photo into iPhoto it doesn’t seem to show on the map. I have tried to update location as well and that does not seem to work either. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? THanks – Susheel

  9. craig Says:

    You could check in the Console program, it’ll show if there are any error messages to worry about. If there is nothing of use to you there send me a copy of one of the images that won’t tag and I’ll see if there is something about that image that could be causing problems for GeoTagger.

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