I’ve been at my new job for two weeks now and I think my brain is finally starting to warm up after seven months of thinking of pretty much everything other than software development. So now I am pleased to announce Geotagger 2 is just around the corner. I’ve moved pretty much all the code into Objective-C rather than Applescript and thus been able to add a progress indicator to show how many images it has left to process. Personally I don’t want to see hundreds of photos of a city all tagged at a single point within in, but some people have good reasons for tagging lots at the same time and now they’ll know when it’s finished.

Before I start uploading it to bigger sites I’m inviting anyone checking this site to download version 2 and tell me how it goes. I only have one Mac here to test on, so I while I know it works on an Intel running OS X 10.5 I can’t be sure about anything else. So pleeeeease send me feedback.

I’ve also included the latest build of exiftool so it should work with any file type that exiftool can write GPS data to.

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3 Responses to “Geotagger 2 – beta testers needed”

  1. Pedro Says:


    Can you tell me if the Google Earth 4.3 only showing first image issue is already solved ?
    I continued to have the same issue.


  2. craig Says:

    I’m afraid not Pedro. That issue rests with Google now. The files produced by iPhotoToGoogleEarth work fine on older versions of GE and other operating systems. You will have to wait until Google updates Google Earth for OS X.

  3. dvromeu Says:

    Geotagger 2 is the best solution I found to manually geotag photos on a Mac..works like a charm…

    I used it to tag my photos for showing…


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