It’s been brought to my attention that Google Earth 4.3 only shows the first image that is viewed in a the KMZ files produced by iPhotoToGoogleEarth. After that all images in that file are shown as just question marks. This is not a bug in iPhotoToGoogleEarth, it complies with the KML specification and has not changed in a while. Google Earth however has changed and other people have noticed it too. According to this bug report you can view the images if you decompress the file first (rename the output to have a “.zip” extension and double-click it), or use the PC version of Google Earth. Other than that it’s just a matter of waiting for Google to fix the bug.


UPDATE: Now that Google Earth 5 is out the issue has been resolved. Please upgrade your software to see all the photos that iPhotoToGoogleEarth produces.

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3 Responses to “Google Earth 4.3 only showing first image”

  1. James G Gottling Says:

    Geotagger works fine. I exported a set of tagged photos from iPhoto 7.1.5 as a kmz file, then imported that kmz file into Google Earth. The placemark that appears opens up into a set of placemarks, each labeled with the name of one of the photos, but no photos appear (there is a small square with a question mark in a blue field.) I tried decompressing the file as suggested here. The resulting folder has a doc.kml file and a folder of the original images. But the kml file does not open into Google Earth.

  2. craig Says:

    Hi James,
    Send me the doc.kml and I’ll see why Google Earth won’t open it. The square box thing is an issue with Google Earth 4.3 for OS X. You’ll have to try a different version to see all the pictures at once.


  3. iCraig » Blog Archive » Google Earth 5 is out Says:

    [...] and it includes some interesting features. Top of my list is that they have fixed the problem of only drawing the first image in a KMZ files (like those produced by my iPhotoToGoogleEarth plugin). There are other things like [...]

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