I thought I had made a post about this but there’s nothing here so I guess it slipped my mind. As of April 2008 I’m in Japan walking from the southern tip (Cape Sata) to the northern tip (Cape Soya). Originally I’d hoped for a mountain route and upto 6 months of walking, but I got impatient and missed my girlfriend. Now the plan is to finish on my birthday (and hers as it happens) which will mean a 98 day trek and as far as I know that’s the fastest yet. It’s all documented on OneManWalking.com. While on the move I’m sending home photos and videos which my dad is geotagging and uploading. The videos have been nominated for a prize on Seero.com, so please pop along and vote for me (free registration required) because I need a break from walking 25 miles per day :)

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