I have updated iPhotoToGoogleEarth to work with Leopard and iPhoto ’08. To get it released quickly I decided to remove the NMEA file integration but that sort of editing is pretty simple to do in Google Earth itself.

I have also taken an evening to get this blog running on WordPress so I’ll be able to keep it updated more often. Not that I’ll be saying much here because most of what I’m doing now revolves around moving to Japan. I’m starting by walking the length of the country to learn more about the people, culture and language. Then I’ll find somewhere cool to settle down and try teaching English for a while. The site will look a little strange as I can only work on it a few hours a night, but eventually I’ll have it looking smart again.


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  1. Eric Brian Says:

    Very cool. I hope you’ll create some trip reports with lots of image and embedded GPS info so that we can track your progress. :)

  2. craig Says:

    Absolutely. I’m working on a custom version of iPhotoToGoogleEarth for uploading the kml to my website. If that works well this year I might make it public when I settle down in November.

  3. David Galvan Says:

    Hello, I’m having some trouble getting iPhotoToGoogleEarth version 1.03 to work.

    I’m running Leopard OS 10.5.2, and using iPhoto 6.0.6.

    I downloaded version 1.03 and did the “automatic install”. I then opened iPhoto and selected a photo, then went to File –> export, expecting there to be an iPhotoToGoogleEarth tab in the export window. There was no such tab, leading me to think that the install did not go properly. But when I tried the automatic install again, it would not install because the installer claimed the software was already installed. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time!

  4. David Galvan Says:

    Never mind, I figured out I could just copy the “iPhotoToGoogleEarth.iPhotoExporter” file to iPhoto(Show package contents) –> Plugins. It works now.

    Don’t know where the automatic installer thought it was putting it, or why it wasn’t working. Oh well.

    Thanks for making a cool plugin!

  5. Dirk Says:

    Thanks for iPhotoToGoogleEarth. I use them since i was switched from Windows to MacOS. With the latest version it works fine under 10.5. Since a while i use Photoshop Elements 6, that come with Bridge CS3. If it possible that you create a small application that open one or more photos in Google Earth. Like i open this app and drag&drop a photo on it, then the app shows me a small version in Google Earth. Usable in all apps that have a “open with ..” dialog.

    Best regards in your beautiful country. I visit them in 2007 and will return in this year for some weeks.

  6. Jake Says:

    Hi Craig,
    I’m leaving this commend because I’m not quite sure how else to get in touch with you – I’m really excited about your software, but I’m having a little bit of trouble making it work. I’m getting started tagging my photos with gps data from a nice little gps track logger that I picked up. That part of it is working great. Then I import the photos into iphoto, and then export them using iphoto to google earth. Everything seems to be working fine, and I click on a photo and it pops up on the map. But then I click on a second photo, and instead of the photo popping up on the map a bubble pops up with a question mark icon, as if it cannot find the photo. Maybe this is a google earth issue and not an issue with your software, but I thought I’d start with you. I’m using iphoto to google earth 1.03, as I’m still stuck on iphoto 6 and tiger. hope you can help.

  7. aaron Says:

    Hello All,

    For those of you having a problem with the .kml only showing the first image, it is a GoogleEarth problem, not an iPhotoToGooglEearth problem! I spent an hour or two trying to figure this out, so i hope you all see this before you do the same. Thanks to Craig for a great plugin! This is exactly what I have been looking for, once it worked ;-)

    Head here to grab GoogleEarth 4.1, which works.


  8. Larry Nebel Says:

    I love iPhoto to google earth but am having one problem – when I select multiple photos and export them and then load the file into google earth all photo names show up with location information but only the first photo actually shows the photo. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? or and I misusing the export module?


  9. Andy Says:

    Would be nice if it worked. It shows the points in Google Earth, but dosn’t show the picture? I’m using Mac OSX 10.5 an Google Earth 4.3.7204.0836

  10. Andrew Says:

    iPhotoToGoogleEarth is just what I am looking for to display geotagged photos from iPhone 3G on Google Earth. However, after importing the kmz file into Google Earth, the pins are showing up in the right location, but the images/thumbnails don’t appear (just a ? mark).

    I am on Google Earth 4.3.7284.3916

    Any ideas?

  11. craig Says:

    Hi Andrew,
    It seems there has been a change to the way Google Earth handles the files in new versions. I’m currently trekking across Japan (see http://OneManWalking.com for details) so I can’t get a new fix out for a few months. Sorry about that. I promise it’ll be top priority when I get back to a real computer.

  12. Andrew Says:

    Thanks, Craig. I found an older version of Google Earth, v at:


    Pictures are now displayed properly!

  13. George Says:

    Hi Craig, I have my GE set to strict KML validation (so I can quickly see errors in KML I generate) and it’s barfing on the KML you create because there’s a creator attribute on the kml element. Could this be moved to a comment? Seems a shame to cause mysterious hard-to-diagnose loading errors.

    It’s a great program BTW, really streamlined my workflow.

  14. E-J vd linden Says:

    Two questions:

    GE is parsing the KML with an error (creator attribute on the kml element)
    How to unload this plugin from iphoto?

    Thanks for your help


  15. craig Says:

    Simply remove the iPhotoToGoogleEarth plugin from /Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins. What was your other question?

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