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LiveWidget 2.0

Friday, October 7th, 2005

LiveWidget Front   It’s been available else where for a few weeks now so I guess I should mention LiveWidget 2.0 on my own blog. LiveWidget is a client for the LiveJournal weblog site that runs in Apple’s Dashboard (part of OS X 10.4). It’s much the same as before of course, no major rewrite here, but there are some new features that make it worth the download.

  • Userpics: Log in and you’ll get a list of all your uploaded userpics
  • Tags: add tags to your entries to help sort them later
  • Secure Passwords: using a plugin by Benjamin Swanson to store passwords in the OS X Keychain

   I hope people out there enjoy it, drop me line if you have any ideas for improvements.

Update: A problem has been found and fixed under OS X 10.4.3 so if you have LiveWidget 2.0 you should update to 2.1

LiveWidget 2.1