It’s about time that LiveWidget went 1.0, so I’ve released it to, VersionTracker and a few more widget-only sites. Until now it has only been available from the excellent site, but since it’s almost what I originally aimed for I want to get it to a wider audience and see what they think.
LiveWidget Front   Of course there are more things I want to do with it, including support for user icons and the new tagging feature, but I’m getting busy at work and it’ll be a few weeks before I can get to them.

   So what can it do? Well it uses the XML-RPC method of communication to talk to the LiveJournal server. This means it gets to encrypt your password twice before sending it across the internet, it can discover the custom friends-groups you’ve set up and the shared journals you can post to. It’ll even inform you if you’re posting to a moderated journal and your message is in the queue to be approved. I’m pretty proud of it. And so is Josh Allen, he did the graphics.

LiveWidget Back

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