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Widgets widgets everywhere

Monday, June 6th, 2005

   It’s never a good sign when a site is left for as long as this one has been ‘in progress’, but I have been busy. Among the number of projects and distractions I have been dealing with is a new technology (or rather a new use of existing technology) by Apple. The Dashboard is part of OS X 10.4 (usually called Tiger) and serves as a host to small programs called Widgets.
   They are mostly made with web technology, Javascript, HTML and CSS are the three main components, but they can also use plugins written in other languages but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ve been involved with three widgets so far, but have been dismayed to find my work turning up in other ones that haven’t had the decency to mention that the work they are touting as their own, actually comes from me. That really pisses me off. The worst was a guy called Rik, who when confronted with the fact that the code he pushed as his was entirely copied from the widget I helped write only responded with

“jep, because there was nobody who wanted to help me… (that’s why I borrowed some codes of you ) “