An acquaintance of mine who goes by the internet handle of JL! has put up a very good response to Napster’s Do the math campaign. The essential point is this: With iTunes you own the music but with Napster you rent the music. So if you plan on living a a long time, and I do, you are tied to their subscription fee of $15 USD per month for as long as you want to listen.
   You do have the benefit of being able to change you music as you go, I’ll concede that, but the cons still out weigh the pros. Want to burn it to CD? That’ll cost you extra, Napster goes out of business, your music is gone. It all round sucks. And if you’re still not convinced then JL! challenges you to Do the math too.

   P.S. The point is moot for me since Napster is not Mac compatible (amazing how many anti-iPod campaigns have claimed to be all about choice but won’t work on Macs) and iTunes won’t sell in New Zealand.

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  1. David Says:

    Hi Craig,

    The new layout looks great! Thanks for your comment – it’s good (and odd) to know someone is reading my ramblings. I must congratulate you on your OE Blog – it provided hours of compulsive reading (often when I shouldn’t have been). One thing that caught me out early on was that it sometimes wasn’t clear who was posting. Anyway, thank you for giving me a blog to aspire to – I hope I can do somthing reasonable from within the confines of Blogger.


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