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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

MT-Blacklist is my friend. Ever since I sent a track back ping to The Garden State Blog I’ve been getting comments on this blog about some gambling website. I was getting bored of deleting each one and rebuilding, until I remembered a plugin for MoveableType that Mike Zornek installed. MT-Blacklist catches the comments that are being added and checked if they contain URLs that match the long list of banned sites. Now when those Texas-Holdem wieners come my way they won’t take up any of my time, or get free advertising here.

The Long Ride Home

Thursday, December 16th, 2004

Today was the work Christmas function, it was at the zoo and I was going to go and take some pictures of the seals flying past the glass, but fate had other ideas.

Traffic was reeeeaaalllly slow getting onto the motorway, so I had the chance to look in the side mirror of the car in front and saw a cute girl. She was very cute, quite my type and seemed to be smiling and happy even though no-one was in the car with her. But by the time we were actually on the motorway a thought crossed my mind. It might actually be Rachel, my ex, I couldn’t see well enough and it wasn’t her car (her number plate was Rachle). But it weirded me out. The my bike stalled. I guess I had been sitting there too long with the head light on and not enough revs. I pushed it to the side as quickly as I could and called dad, I could see his office from there. He said he couldn’t come because it is illegal to stop on the motorway unless it is an emergency. Strictly speaking that is the law, but I see loads of pairs of cars at the side of the road. They haven’t both broken down, one has come to get the other. Anyway I pushed my bike along a while to where a truck was stuck, and got that mechanic to push start me. I then road all the way home in high revs desperate to stop it from stalling. Coming through Kyberpass I saw this in my lane. Traffic was going slow enough that I picked it up and kept it. It wasn’t easy, and I’d have been a prize idiot if my bike had stalled again, or I’d knocked it over.

Now I am home and alone, I wonder where my family is.

Aspiring photographer

Tuesday, December 7th, 2004

I’ve spent most of this evening preparing and uploading photos to sell online via iStockPhoto. Next week will mark a year of them selling my photos and in that time I have amassed $17.50. WhooHoo! Tonight has been all about getting panoramic pictures up there. I really do have some nice pictures, I hope they sell well and that someday I’ll get to go back to each of those places

Ok so I’m not quite ready to retire yet, but I do like having a hobby, and it really makes me feel good every time someone choose one of my photos over everyone else’s.

I’ve had a good time switching between two computers, one compressing one uploading, and tidying my desk in between. I’ve entered the same competition three times because the W.O.F. guy gave me three forms and if I win the car I’ll let you all have a ride :-)