On Friday night, we (Peter, Mark, Anna, Bree and I) went out to town and headed to Coast right away, figuring if we had to pay their silly $10 cover we might as well get in early and enjoy a whole night of hanging with the beautiful people. It completely failed to get busy. Peter convinced us to drink a bit of cognac, but we hated it, I think Mark especially disliked it having paid $60 for the privilege. The girls left and we decided that since only 5 people had shown the slightest interest in the dance floor we’d go else where. We liked Lenin, crammed dance floor and good drinks. I think we had 4 mohitos each (the vanilla vodka ones were the best), good times. Then taxied home where Mark quickly dropped onto the couch asleep (he’d had much more than us to drink so that was allowed). Peter got into a cheap suit he bought for playing paintball, and I borrowed a business shirt, and that’s where the night really started.

   We headed straight for the Shore City car park, but the main entrance was locked. so we walked around and up the outside ramp which was wide open. We got up the levels by climbing through those gaps in the middle where you can see the floor above and below (because each floor is offset from the other). Eventually we got to a bit where the gap was covered by a wire fence, and the ramp shut by a heavy metal door. We could have stopped there but we really deserved to get to the top. So I *found a gap* in the wire fence and we got to the open air at the top. Here we found a stairwell leading back down inside the mall, and it was unlocked from the outside. Luckily we thought to check that it could be opened from the inside, and it couldn’t, so we wedged it open with a bit of pipe and snuck down the stairs. Each floor was locked and had little bits of paper stuck there by the security guards to see if it had been opened. When we came to the bottom and couldn’t get out we turned around and then stopped dead. There were footsteps inside the mall! We ran upwards as quickly and quietly as we could, out into the carpark, flinging the bit of pipe away and retreated to a dark corner. No-one came but we thought we should leave anyway, back through the fence, back down to where we came in. This open part of the car park is directly above the 1st floor shops, and the ground floor shops are pretty high, so I’d guess we were as high as a three story house. It was me who spotted the thing on the outside wall, but I don’t know who suggested climbing down it. You see, there is a strange section of wooden slats on the outside of the mall, as if waiting for a big poster to be put there. They are about 10 inches from the wall, which is just enough room to squeeze down behind, and that is exactly what we did. It was very well lit but at 4:30am who’s going to notice. From there we dropped a little onto the ledge (and found a lot of empty water sealant tubes) then very carefully walked out across the glass shelter and leapt into a nearby tree, a shimmy down that and we were back at ground level marveling at our achievement.
   We then wandered back through Takapuna via a construction site. Peter thought it was just like the game Half Life because there were gas tanks and pellets lying around that are very useful for blowing up your enemies and hiding behind when you’re being shot at. The digger I tried was locked, so we didn’t get to help with the destruction, it was probably best that we left it to the professionals.
   It was 5:40am when I hit the couch, and 4 hours later i was awake and heading out the door to go flat hunting. The search continues.

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