This has to be the coolest piece of software I’ve seen in a long, long time. Keyhole is an Earth viewer that downloads high-res photos taken by satellites of all sorts of places.


The highest detail is of course America, but some countries are done pretty well. Unfortunately New Zealand and Mont Blanc, the two places I want to see the most, are in very low-res so I won’t be paying for it anytime soon. Oh yeah and it’s PC only which sucks, but I’d pay just to use it at work if I could get high detail views of the Mont Blanc massif and mark on it where I hiked. The screen shot I have included is of the First Flat Iron, to the west of Boulder in Colorado. I went climbing there in April with Levi and it is well photographed, to see it from above is very cool. I’ve also looked up Levi’s house, Stacey and Brie’s old place, and Brie’s family place on Martha’s Vineyard. I could get seriously hooked on it, if my one week trial didn’t expire on Friday :-(

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